fuckin’ river phoenix all over again. R.I.P young blood. you were a natural talent- may you live on through film brotha.

Have you ever hopped on over to YouTube once someone famous dies? You know what you’re thinking, “Man, I can’t believe s/he’s dead. I sure hope someone has made a slide show tribute video celebrating their life.”

And sure enough, no matter if the celebrity has been dead for 2 days or 2 minutes, there are at least 5 different Sexy tributes, RIP Tributes, and/or sexyrestinpeacetribute videos on YouTube. What’s even more mind boggling than the videos are all the comments left by the YouTube community. Are these people really watching all these tribute videos? Why do they feel the need to share their feelings with the other YouTubers? Don’t get me wrong, I love the yowee1234s and FALLENshortys of the world…I mean, if it wasn’t for them, my days would be empty of judgment and scorn.

Which brings me to 25 year old Brad Renfro…found dead…with only 3 tribute videos to celebrate his life. I know, I know, give it time…it takes a while to compile all those pics from the interweb…and picking the perfect song can be such a bitch. Maybe tonight Brad will have just as many tributes as Kevin Dubrow.

Until then, I bring to you :
SexyBrad – A Tribute to Brad Renfro, Rest In Peace

And the comments of course.

yowee1234 (37 minutes ago)
It’s terrible that he died. He was an amazing actor.

timmyblaze (45 minutes ago)
That sucks…I thought he was a good actor.
I hope no foul play was involved when they determined how he died.

vutineiu (1 hour ago)
He has been my favourite actor for so many years.. But now there’s nothing else to do but crying.

FALLENshortys (2 hours ago)
its got me in shock!..i belong to his fan club
….brad we will miss you a great deal
you were one of the nicest people a person could ever know….

I couldn’t have said it better myself.
R.I.P. bro, 😦