Mr. Awesome

You guys ever hear of Mr. Awesome? No, not me, silly. Roy Shildt. You can currently see him in KING OF KONG and….uh, I don’t know where else. I’ll let him do the talking:

Wow, uh, what’s weirder, the sperm count thing or the Rich and Famous Fellatio Hall of Fame? The Wife and I had forgotten all about seeing Mr. Awesome on Disinfo Tv until he popped up in KoK….of course I had to know more.

There is a great interview with him here.

Here’s the cover to his “book”:

And here’s a video of Whitney Wonders…she’s the busty model on the cover with Mr. Awesome.

She sure seems like a nice lady.

Have an Awesome day everyone!

3 Responses to “Mr. Awesome”

  1. Myrtle Says:

    Why am I hungry for honeydew melon?

  2. Catherine Avril Morris Says:

    Holy moses, we watched KoK last night! LOVED it! I can’t wait to dig into those videos! (Can’t right now, I am a diligent worker…not so diligent that I’m not checking out my friends’ blogs, though…) I was especially impressed by the shot in the movie of that dude totally naked with the lady’s arm perfectly positioned over his Parts. Made his Parts look potentially unimpressive, though; her arm wasn’t THAT big…

  3. DWI Fellatio Gay Hairy Trucker Ass « Awesomeness For Awesome’s Sake. Says:

    […] having to do with Roy Shildt, the self proclaimed Mr. Awesome and his fabled Rich And Famous Fellatio Hall Of […]

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