Girl Homo!

So, you think you like porn? Or maybe you think you hate porn.

You think you’ve seen it all thanks to the interweb. I mean, you sat through 2 Girls 1 Cup without even closing your eyes once, right? You even watched that crazy Mr. Hands video….hopefully, you regret watching Mr. Hands…but, hey, I’m not here to judge you.

I remember when getting your hot little hands on a dirty magazine or a porn video was akin to Sir Percival’s quest to obtain even a glimpse of the Holy Grail. Now a days, any horny 16 year old with a pc can witness the tragicomic events of a sexed up Furry Convention or worse, Japanese porn! What the hell is a teenager…or an adult for that matter…supposed to make of a woman with pixelized genitalia getting it on with a cephalopod while 15 guys in tighty whities gang bang a couch in the background?! Japan, man….2 big bombs…1 little island…*shudder*

The point I’m trying to make is, “What in the hell happened to just watching a regular ol’ pornographic movie?”

“Well, regular porn is just too boring now.”

“I need something different. Something new. Something wild!”

“But I’m not into extreme fisting (isn’t all fisting kind of extreme?) or all the pee and poo today’s interweb porn seems to offer.”

I agree.

Never fear, Mr. Canacorn is here to help! Ever heard of Rinse Dream? He created a a wonderfully weird world of porn with the help of Jerry Stahl (yes, the Alf guy) in the 80s and early 90s.

In fact, he gave the world Jeanna Fine’s greatest performance with PARTY DOLL A GO-GO parts 1 and 2…and she’s worked!

Here, see if this looks like something you’ve never seen in an adult movie before:

Now imagine all that plus some adult hanky panky thrown in for a little extra spice….granted, Party Doll isn’t for everyone…actually, most hardcore porndogs hate it, but then, what the hell do they know about art anyway?

So, if you’re a porn-pro looking for something different or a curious dabbler with the hankering for some surreal naughty fun, I suggest you check out Rinse Dream’s masterpiece: PARTY DOLL A GO-GO sooner than later….you can thank (or hate) me later.

6 Responses to “Girl Homo!”

  1. Myrtle Says:

    Dude, we’re all about the porn here on the ranch. I had to set up the old VHS to watch a Christmas porn at my Christmas Party. It had an elf in it!

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    Was the elf “elf sized” or regular?

  3. Myrtle Says:

    He was regular. Best line in the movie from the elf – “Santa treats EVERYONE good this year!”

  4. swandiver Says:

    I like porn, even worked in a porn store. But I started gravitating to gay male porn which is odd since I’m a lesbian. I get ragged a lot about it.

    But real dyke porn is practically non-existent and straight porn for the most part has just become a contest to see how much the women can be degraded. But the guys almost always look like their enjoying themselves and that makes it sexy.

    What ever happened to movies that were about 2 or more consenting adults just having fun with sex? Having drugged-out skanks or barely legal runaways do disgusting things is not sexy. And will somone please BRING BACK PUBIC HAIR!

  5. Myrtle Says:

    I rock the 1975 bush myself…. 🙂

  6. Anonymous Says:

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