They do this every year?

Ah, The Super Bowl…every year it happens…and every year I think the same thing, “Boy, I sure do hate sports.”

I also think this during The World Series and The Basketball Playoff thing-a-ma-jigger.

Sports just don’t interest me. I didn’t grow up in a house where sports were important….books, yes, sports, no. I’ve tried to watch sports, hell, I even watched the Super Bowl once…and only because it had a cool theme song that year:

Christ, those guys had talent!

Just because I don’t care for sports doesn’t mean I don’t have friends that do. The Wife and I were even invited to a Super Bowl party this year…what we would do there is beyond me, so we politely declined. Truthfully, we’ll be busy painting the walls of our deck today…you should see it, three equal horizontal chunks of clam chowder, warm muffin, and spice berry…these colors are going to offset the subtle natural cedar stain of the deck beautifully…trust me.

Anyway, back to The Super Bowl…The Wife and I have been known to tune in for the half time show. It’s usually some big train wreck of a production, but as purveyors of badness, it is our duty to witness the horror.

You know, not all half time shows have been bad:

“…gonna have you naked by the end of this song,” indeed.

In case anyone forgot, Prince is one hell of a guitar player.

But this year we get…..Tom Petty?!

Are we partying, or are we just hanging out?

What the fuck is Old Tom going to bring to the table? Boooooring! At least when Aerosmith was performing they had a little help so as not to embarrass themselves. (That’s sarcasm, just in case you didn’t know.)

Who knows, maybe the production dream team behind that mess will jazz up the train to Tom Petty-town. (Fun fact: A shirtless Matthew McConaughey at the ACL Fest asked The Wife if the golf cart she was driving was “the train to Tom Petty-town.”…what a douche.)

So, even though we won’t be watching the big game this year, or Tivoing the high-larious commercials, we will suffer through another half time fiasco and we promise to keep it real and root for America’s favorite team, The Dallas Cowboys!

Go Cowboys!

3 Responses to “They do this every year?”

  1. Catherine Avril Morris Says:

    Tom Petty IS old now. I was surprised to see that. I thought celebrities got to stay the same, because they keep slowly replacing all their natural body parts with synthetic ones. But maybe Tom’s been too busy hanging out, smoking dope and strumming on guitars, to make it to his plastic surgeon’s office.

  2. Troy Says:

    Tom Petty was actually pretty damn good during the halftime show. He can still pitch Free Fallin’ in the same tone of voice in 1989.

    As for sports, you say you grew up in a household that disregarded sports, and motivated the written word. Well, damn, I grew up in a household that was hybrid reading/sports. Don’t know how that happened, but my father emphasized playing AND watching sports, and, along with my mother, influenced me to read.

    Take reading away from me, I’m an idiot (pretty much). Take sports away from me, I’m a bigger idiot.

    Sports, to me, is the easiest way to open a conversation with someone. If that person I’m conversing with can’t talk sports due to discontent of the hobby, then it’s impossible for me to keep the flow of a conversation steady.

  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    Uh…Troy…I don’t like sports. Um………………….okay then….talk to you later.

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