What I really mean is, “Thank You, Larry” for the best ending of a show ever. The last 2 minutes of Season 6 of CURB was the killer punchline for a season long set up. The Wife and I had to watch it twice in a row it was so damn good…It was so good, I even called a friend to talk about it (Seriously, Swede, enough with the “I’m not using my cell phone and loving it” experiment) during the credits…and I never do that.

I sincerely hope this is the end of CURB…I love the fucking show, but this would be the perfect end to a near perfect show. Some people seem to think the season ending was a cliff hanger of sorts and I couldn’t disagree more. The final image is almost a literal translation of gift wrapping the end and putting a fucking bow on it for you.

Sure, I would miss scenes like this:

And who knows what kind of trouble LD could get into with Leon and The Blacks if there was a Season 7.

But Larry seems to know how to quit while he’s ahead…and this seems like the right thing to do. I mean, Larry, take your 475 million and go buy your own fucking shrimp boat already!

One Response to “FUCK YOU, LARRY!”

  1. freemblap Says:

    I hated Season 4…The Producers.

    But I did like 6 although I didn’t get “The Blacks” premise at all, until the end. I agree Mr. C…the pay-off was great.

    It made up for any of the implausable stuff that happened during the rest of the season.

    Could’nt agree more….end it now Larry.

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