Mommy, What’s The Bacon Pig?

First things first, I’m no foodie…but recently I’ve been reading a blog about food. I know, I know, it just doesn’t seem like me…and we all know that The Wife swears that, “Corey hates food,”…but you have to understand, this isn’t your normal food blog.

*Please click the links for some disturbing pictures of delicious food*

Have you ever seen anything like a cheese filled bacon hotdog?!?!

What the fuck, right? There can be nothing more frighteningly delicious, right?

How about a THE BACON PIG!?!?

It’s the, “turducken of pork,” according to theWAREHOUSE: Baconpig

Looking at these two recipes makes me extremely hungry and borderline nauseous….I mean, am I really capable of eating Piglet? Probably.

“SOME PIG,” indeed….in your face, Fern.