Two For Tuesdays

Here’s a Canacorn fun fact: AMERICAN IDOL is a big deal at our house. We even went to the 1st AI concert waaaaay back in 2002….seriously love the show.

Anyway, this year during the Hollywood auditions, one of the songs the contestants could sing was Everything I Do…remember that one? It was like the wedding song of 1991-1994. It’s an okay song I guess.

When The Wife hears Bryan Adams she automatically thinks of Cuts Like A Knife.

When I hear Bryan Adams I automatically think of the great American singer/songwriter JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP!

So, this Tuesday, we’re going huntin’ for a couple of cougars!


Can you believe I thought those biker chicks were hot? Yikes.


3 Responses to “Two For Tuesdays”

  1. The Wife Says:

    Cuts Like a Knife??? Uh… no… that’s not half the jam that Summer of ’69 is… oh yeah… “those were the best days of my life”… The Coug can’t touch that…

  2. freemblap Says:

    I liked when he went by Johnny Bobcat Summercamp.

    Bryan Adams…I gotta go with “Back To You.”

    A nice little gem from the Clearosel Kid.

  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    Oh, snap…I’m sorry I misquoted you, dear…it was Summer of 69 that you loved…but The Coug is way better than Bryan…cause The Coug is an All American not some Canadian sissy pants.

    And Freem…you’re right, Bry’s little love song is not a bad track, but it still pales to Little Pink Houses…even today.

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