Serious Dramz On My Celly!

The other morning around 7:00 AM my cell started blowing up….someone was urgently texting me. I checked my phone…hmmmm…I don’t recognize the number…let’s see here…

I read the text, had a good chuckle, and forgot about it…until a few hours later when I received the same text…oh snap, this must be important! But I just couldn’t bring myself to respond to my texter…you see, it was a wrong number. The person who was blowing up my phone thought I was Margie. Now, I know I’m not Margie, but my anonymous texter (let’s call her Sad Girl) was sure I was Margie and Margie was totally ignoring Sad Girl’s super important early morning text.

Before you read Sad Girl’s message I thought I’d help set the scene by giving you some visuals of our cast of characters:


Our crazy, mixed up, protagonist…who’s just trying to do the right thing…or is she?


All around shit-stirrer and possible mistress of the double cross.


Forever in love with Sergio, trusted friend of Sad Girl, and quite possibly the loco bitch that will end up cutting Ashley’s face.


All around pimp, player, and baby daddy to many “around the way girls”.

And now, THE TEXT:

“So i was talking to ashley and she was like yeah me and margaret are still weird and she told me that you told her that you needed time and i was like well do you still talk to sergio and she was like no not since last night when i told him about everything and right when she told me that she got a text message and she was trying to hide it from me but i could see the reflection of who it was in the mirror and it was him!
I was like what the fuck”

[10:01:21 AM]

Pretty intense, huh? At first I wanted to text Sad Girl back and let her know she had the wrong number…then I thought about sending a generic “WTF” or something more exciting like, “U KNOW WUT BITCH U TALK ALOT OF SHIT CUZ SERGIO WAS WITH ME LAST NIGHT PLEDGING HIS LOVE IN THAT SPECIAL WAY…..HE SAID HE CANT STAND TO BE AROUND UR UGLY ASS WITH ALL THEM FUCKIN PIMPLES!

I thought better of fucking with Sad Girl and just let the message ride to see if she wold get back to me/Margie..and she did:

“Margie? Are you going to say anything?”

[10:27:07 AM]

OOOHHHHH…Sad Girl was getting real antsy real fast. What to do? Well, I did nothing…I didn’t let poor Sad Girl off the hook by politely informing her that she had the wrong number nor did I get all Mi Vida Loca with the texting. I know, I know, not only am I kind of a shit but I’m also no fun in the phone prank department.

But really, would you want to fuck with any of these gangsta ass locas?

I didn’t think so.