Can The Octodog Get Any Better?

I wasn’t planning on blogging today, but sometimes you just have to share.

I was poking around on she eats (the link is to your right, on the blogroll…no, down…Christ, it’s in alphabetical order…sheesh, do I have to do everything for you? she eats link)….anyway, I was poking around on she eats, just following some links she provided, and then, BAM! I saw this:


Read all about it over at LUNCH IN A BOX.

Wait, you’re not familiar with Octodog? Do yourself a favor and get hip to this shit, man.

I’m almost regretting putting she eats on my blogroll…she’s totally ruining my whole, “Corey doesn’t like food” thing. 😉

One Response to “Can The Octodog Get Any Better?”

  1. K Says:

    See? Food CAN be cool. And ironic. And strange. And delicious. You’ve just been watching too much Julia Child. 😉

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