SXSBloat Part 1

Thank God that’s over. Another SXSW has come and gone and I’m about 5 lbs. heavier. It never fails that The Wife and I end up gaining some weight during this week of movies, music, and label dinners. Thanks to our jobs at the record store we get treated out to eat by our wonderful friends from various record companies and on the nights we have to fend for ourselves we’re usually so beat after all the in store performances (5 a day for 3 days straight) that we eat a ton of fast food to avoid cooking and cleaning at our house.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to be some sort of name dropper….but I will tell you where we ate…and some of the cool things we did.

“…the restaurant is sophisticated and club-like, with high back chairs, paneled walls of dark wood, and high ceilings studded with art deco style light fixtures…featuring a menu that includes some twenty five varieties of fresh fish and shell fish.”Bon Appetit Magazine

Oh, yeah…The Wife went with the surf and turf and I had some tortilla crusted yellowtail…There were about 15 of us, so our server was a bit overwhelmed..especially since our host has a habit of ordering every appetizer on the damn menu. The fish was excellent and the prices were affordable…check ’em out.

SILHOUETTE (Sorry…no website)
“The Silhouette is a cozy and quaint restaurant and a perfect place, if you are looking forward to having a nice meal with your friends or family. You can have some sushi at the sushi bar or chill with a drink at their full bar. The Tea Room is the best option if you are here with some friends or someone special. This place has live jazz shows once in a while.”msnCitySearch

We love getting sushi here. The previous owner had hidden cameras in the ladies’ room years ago, but it’s not a sleazy place. It’s never crowded…which is no small feat during SXSW…and the rolls are always excellent. This was a small gathering of 5 before we went to see a movie.

What movie, you ask?

Sure, this film is about heavy metal, but it’s really about so much more…check out the website for tons of info on the band, Acrassicauda, and what you can do to make a difference!

We love us some Casa Maria! This little place is 5 minutes from our house and we eat there once a week with another couple (Fun Fact Alert! We were all on TRADING SPACES together a couple of years ago). It’s super cheap Tex Mex on the Southside of town with a family friendly atmosphere.

Our fast food laziness consisted of WENDY’S and PAPA JOHN’S. I don’t think I need to describe anything about either of these two places.

During our in store performances we grazed on deli trays courtesy of WHOLE FOODS. Check out the Mediterranean Feast and the Continental Fruit and Cheese platters….mmmmm,mmmmm, good! Oh, we also had some cookies from the bakery!

Well, that’s enough for now….we have so much to do at the homestead on our 1 day off for the week. Stay tuned for part 2 of SXSBloat…

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