The DWI Stud!

That’s right, you heard me…The DWI Stud aka BULLETPROOF! He’s a lawyer. His new ad on the back page of a local Austin zine caught my eye and I thought I’d share it with you.

Can you read what it says? Here, I’ll help:

“Check out Austin’s hottest DWI TAPES from cases where people were found NOT GUILTY. There are lots of DWI LAWYERS in town, but how many TAPES do they have? Who can put it down in the courtroom, and make them take it like he wants? BULLETPROOF, THE DWI STUD That’s who…You’d be a fool not to check out this man’s body of work. Watch him perform and then, you decide who you want.”

I’ll say it again, “HE IS A LAWYER.

All I could say after seeing this ad was, “What the fuck is wrong with this guy?” I mean, there’s no mention of a website, no phone number, no nothing…just a disturbing photo of some “stud” (with a sixth grader’s head pasted over his body) doing some “lady police” doggy style in (what is possibly) Adam’s townhouse bedroom.

I’ve been hearing about this guy for years now. He’s sort of a legend around the record store. I’m not sure I’d want him as my lawyer but he has represented some of my fellow employees.

Oh, here’s a picture of him and his partner, Bruce Garrison:

Reposa and Garrison…the “best damn law dogs” in town!

Bulletproof was recently in the news…peep this AUSTIN-AMERICAN STATESMAN article.

He also has an infomercial on YouTube…but before you watch it, watch this short “making of” first:

Here’s BULLETPROOF directing his amazing infomercial!

Uh, wow?

Here’s the final product…I like to call it: “What is a lawyer?”

You know, maybe Adam is the guy to call?