Booty Meat

Man, I love me some art…and YouTube is the place for young women artists to truly explore the four basic elements of performance art!

The use of time, space, the performer’s body and a relationship between performer and audience has never been more powerful thanks to artists like jf340763872, Taylorkicious, and Miztreewoman.

In your face, Carolee Schneemann! Take that, Dragon Jane! Give it up, Guerrilla Girls! It’s 2008 and there’s some fresh young talent in the house!

Okay…okay, I’m just kidding. But I do want to talk about a new to me artist, Dennis Knopf. It looks like he has his German fingers in many pies involving the visual arts, but it’s his awesome creation of BOOTYCLIPSE that really caught my eye.

BOOTYCLIPSE is a YouTube channel…and the artist describes it as such:
Users have powerful tools for publishing and distributing content at their fingertips, and they show us:
Ass. Wiggly, bare, fat, American ass. Regardless wether its motivation emerged from the overload of casting shows, or music videos showing dancing titts in slow-motion; people tend to use YouTube to show what they can do, and boy can them gurls shake dat booty meat. Instead of getting distracted by the hot underaged ass jigglin to crunky beats the viewer can now reflect on the whole format of these home-made booty clips. Naturally the question arises wether the low-brow use of the given tools is what media firms are trying to achieve; or isn’t there a reason why TV is so stupid?

You see, he removes the booty shaker and leaves the room and the music….Need a visual? I thought so.

About This Video
Gettin my sexy on…


So, here’s the original Yes.

I have to admit, that I’m fascinated by the creepiness of the whole thing…here’s another:

About This Video
mi a dance yes

pump up her pum pum

You can watch the original here.

It’s all just so depressing…all of it…the original videos and the reimagined ones. But I can’t stop watching them…check out BOOTYCLIPSE and get your art on!

Thanks to SEX & BLOGS for the heads up!