Two For Tuesdays

Oh, snap! Two For Tuesdays is running late this week…contrary to popular belief, Mr. Canacorn has a life away from the interweb.

Anyway, I was thinking about serving up some KOOL KEITH joints, but then thought, “Why not hit the kids up with a couple of Keith’s side projects?”

Great idea, me. First up…THE CENOBITES!


Did any of you hip hop kids get to pick up the 1996 ULTRA collabo with Keith and TIM DOG?


DAAAAAAMMMMMMMNNNNNNN, TIM DOG don’t fuck around! Remember FUCK COMPTON or BITCH WITH A PERM? Yeah you do! East Coast or West Coast? I usually lean to the East…but it’s all good.

Gotta’ ghost, Canacorn has shit to do, yo!

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