S-T Crooked I-D-E-S!

Remember these commercials for St. Ides?




HMMMMMMM…a good idea using rappers as shills for malt liquor? The tracks may be short and not in the best interest for smashing down stereotypes or promoting responsible drinking, but they’re all funky as hell.

If you know where to look, you might just be able to find yourself a copy of:


There’s 30 tracks all glorifying the most delectable malt liquor on the planet…ICE CUBE leads the pack with some of his best rhymes since DEATH CERTIFICATERAKIM, EPMD, THE GETO BOYS, and even YO-YO all spit some dope verses about getting fucked up and just being on of the guys thanks to the power of malt liquor…oh, don’t tell moms, but I hear it can even help get you laid!

Well, I guess having hardcore rappers selling your alcoholic beverage is more responsible than getting the most famous black man in space to sell your delicious brew?


7 Responses to “S-T Crooked I-D-E-S!”

  1. Myrtle Says:

    Um, you forgot about the dopest nigga of all –

  2. Myrtle Says:

    Yeah, not sleeping for 24hrs straight doesn’t help Myrtle’s linking abilities. Sorry Corny….

  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    Make with the link already!

  4. Myrtle Says:

    Tell yo’ mamma to make with the link already 🙂

  5. mrcanacorn Says:

    That was awesome….

    ..and by the way, Yo mama so greasy she used bacon as a band-aid!

  6. Myrtle Says:

    Shit, yo’ mama is like The Commodores – easy like Sunday morning! 🙂

  7. mrcanacorn Says:

    Yo mama so ugly they filmed “Gorillas in the Mist” in her shower!

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