What, No Frakkin’ Daggit?!

Forty years ago, some human-types made some robots to do all their shitty work around the Twelve Colonies…the robots, you may know them as Cylons, got all pissy and didn’t feel like doing windows or whatever and rebelled. A big ol’ fight broke out between the humans and the Cylons and a young boy’s daggit (that’s space talk for dog) totally got crushed by some rocks. The kid got all bent out of shape over his dead lil’ buddy so some space scientist made him a robot daggit…

I know, you’d think they would have learned after the other robots they made rebelled, but I guess humans just aren’t so smart…anyway, this kid and his daggit got into all sorts of cool adventures all over the universe in a little late 70s show called, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!

Got all that? Good. Now on to today’s post!

The Wife and I have been watching the newly re-imagined BSG for the past week….Wha? The Wife is watching a space show about a boy and his robot dog?! Sadly, no. The Wife (and I) are watching a space show NOT about a boy and his robotic dog. It seems the creators of BSG decided to drop the whole Muffit II storyline and focus on sex, political intrigue, Mormonism, sex, terrorism, and some more sex. What the frak?

I tried explaining Muffit II to The Wife, but she seemed more interested in the Sexy Cylon’s evil plans than some missing robo-dog. I even pulled out my DVD of the original 1978 TV movie…”Look, there he is on the box…down in the right hand corner!”

The Wife looks at the box and deadpans, “Hmmm, ALF was on the show?”

ALF? ALF? ALF was a damnable hand puppet and a pair of furry gloves for Christ’s sake! Sure, sure, we all know Michu Meszaros had to occasionally hump it in that stupid ALF suit every once in a blue moon but do you know how BSG brought Muffit II to life?


Holee-shit! Now that’s what I call a commitment to excellence! Frak you, Paul Fusco!

Anyway, the new BSG is pretty cool…I just wish it had some frakkin’ daggits is all.

5 Responses to “What, No Frakkin’ Daggit?!”

  1. Dr Julius Limbani Says:

    I couldn’t get into the new Galactica. So annoyingly serious about it’s self. Fucking Olmos! I felt like they were trying to club me with all their messages. OK, I get it. It’s really about the world we live in right now. Settle down. Add a monster space worm or that weird space vampire from Buck Rogers. Or everything from Buck Rogers, You know what, just show Buck Rogers.

  2. Dr Julius Limbani Says:

    and speaking of humiliating little people, have you heard of a guy named Nelson de La Rosa? He was like 2 feet tall. He played the Ratman in “Ratman”. I put a clip on youtube. They even had him crawl out of a toilet.

  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    I remember that little dude…okay, just watched the Ratman clip…creepy.

  4. Dr Julius Limbani Says:

    I sent Rib a short review of Ratman along with Mulberry St. Hopefully he’ll post it soon. The tape I had was an old bootleg that was in my garage.

  5. Pomeroy! Says:

    I wonder if there was a chimp in Dirk Benedict’s suit.

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