Things I Decided Today…

Link is NSFW!

CHASEY LAIN’S boobs are a hot tranny mess.

Wha’ happened? Seriously, I’ve seen better tits on a tranny.

13 Responses to “Things I Decided Today…”

  1. Dr Julius Limbani Says:

    I think some of it is the shot and the angle. She should’ve retired by now. I guess plans “B” through whatever didn’t work out.

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    The angle? Fuck that, it’s just a plain ol’ shitty boob job. You’d think the veterans would have better surgeons…

  3. Myrtle Says:

    You’re wrong, Corny – it’s a FIERCE hot tranny mess.

    Believe me, there’s nothing like sitting at a bus stop at 4am with tranny hookers. It made my leg stubble pale in comparison 🙂

  4. Dr Julius Limbani Says:

    Yeah, if you look at other pics, like a head on shot, they look different. But they appear to be same as they were over a decade ago. Sure, a porn star might be able to afford a better doc, iff they weren’t all fucked up in the head and incapable of even the smallest of intelligent decisions. Look at Jenna Jameson, her boob job sucks too. Behind every porn star is a creepy uncle.

  5. mrcanacorn Says:

    I stand corrected, Myrt.

    After some more “research” I ‘ll have to agree with Dr. J on the point he made about Ms. Lane’s bra buddies…it’s a shame they chose to use that pic as the cover ’cause those tits look retarded.

    Really…what happened to Jenna…looks like her eating disorder and cocaine usage is back in a big way! …and she seemed so smart about her career…but not as smart as Traci Lords…now there was a ruthless genius…she literally fucked everyone to get the big payday.

  6. Dr Julius Limbani Says:

    I don’t know how well Traci made out. I know she bought a corvette with her porn money and her boyfriend wrecked it. I think she’s 40 now.

  7. Myrtle Says:

    But what about Asia Carrera? Wasn’t she like supposed to be in MENSA and went to Yale, before dropping out because she liked “trimming the bushes”?

  8. Pomeroy! Says:

    Growing up, I never thought that boobs could be ugly.

    I’m not sure what i’d do if I saw my wife/girlfriend lie down & her tits are still standing up. That would be weird.

    (not that it would STOP me… if she was a woman since conception, she’d be in the running)

  9. mrcanacorn Says:

    Myrt, I’ve never been much of a fan of Asia, the self proclaimed nerd of porn. I’m not really a fan of many Asian porn stars..oh, except for Stephanie Swift…’cause she looks like a human-fish hybrid!

    Pom, I hear ya’! Growing up, I thought chicks with boobs were the coolest! 😉

    So it’s a no fly zone on transsexuals then? What if they were post-op, like Caroline Cossey?

  10. Dr Julius Limbani Says:

    Asia is just another fucked up girl with daddy issues. And post-op, pre-op, whatever, it’s still a dude.

  11. Myrtle Says:

    Dr. J….

    I must ask you this then –

    If that was the case, then why on earth are people reporting on “the man that’s pregnant”, when it’s just a mid-op woman?

    I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m just pointing out that it can go both ways…..literally.

    And I just realized that this is the first comment I’ve written that is intelligent and insightful, with no cussing involved.

    What the fuck is up with that? 🙂

  12. Dr Julius Limbani Says:

    yeah, I thought about that too. I guess to be pc they say it’s a guy. But it’s a chick.

  13. mrcanacorn Says:

    If there’s one person left on this planet that is NOT’s you, buddy…And that’s one of many reasons we’re friends.

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