Man-Up Mondays!

HOLY CATS! It’s another totally awesome masculine specimen of manliness.

COMMANDER USA (Soaring super hero! Legion of Decency – Retired)

Jim Hendricks…I have no idea when this guy was born or if he’s still alive.

I spent many hours with The Commander and his sidekick Lefty in the 80s…we watched some of the crappiest movies along with some real gems right in my living room! Actually, he was in Jersey, but it felt like he was right there in San Antonio…hanging with The Commander was so much cooler than riding bikes with my friends (especially since I don’t know how to ride a bike), swimming (especially since I don’t know how to swim), or playing football (especially since I hate sports). The Commander seemed like the kind of guy that you could have a few beers and a couple of smokes with while chewing the rag about movies, chicks, music, and all the important things life has to offer. You knew he’d always be interested and enthusiastic about whatever you had to say and you could always depend on him to talk straight and keep it real…I mean, he’s a retried superhero for Christ’s sake.

To steal (and amend) something Bruce McCulloch once said, The Commander, he don’t give me no shit and he don’t fuck around and he’s just the fucking coolest guy and I wanna say I love Commander USA.”

Way before Joel and the bots kept us in stitches with their high-larious commentaries and wacky skits, The Commander had a stranglehold on weekend entertainment for the nerds, losers, and misfits.

The Commander raps!

The Commander and Folksinger Frank!

The Commander’s MYSPACE PAGE.

For lots of videos of the Commander check out commanderusafan818 on YouTube!

And remember, “Keep your nose in the wind… and your tail to yourself…

8 Responses to “Man-Up Mondays!”

  1. Dr Julius Limbani Says:

    You can’t swim? seriously?

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    Kinda….if I was being attacked by killer bees or mutant rats I’d be fucked….wait…rats can swim can’t they…

  3. Dr Julius Limbani Says:

    rats can swim well, better than black dudes. I guess it’s never come up where you needed it. It’s saved me several times.

  4. Myrtle Says:

    You can’t ride a bike or swim? How are you going to go up against Steve Garvey in the Superstars competition?*

    Steve is also known as Commander One-Hander….

    *Myrtle is living in 1978 today

  5. mrcanacorn Says:

    What’s a Steve Garvey?

  6. Troy Says:

    I am convinced that you’re a closet sports fan.

    Even the title of this blog post is derived from a basketball term (“man up” meaning to “defend your ground” aka side of the court).

  7. mrcanacorn Says:

    Damn you, Troy! You’ve figured me out…pssst…my favorite basketball team is the WASHINGTON GENERALS…don’t tell anyone.

  8. Iron Man, Sports Haters, AJ and Mike D’Antoni « Troy’s Thoughts on Sports Says:

    […] etc. But I also believe that people have secondary opinions. Much to be disclosed in the closet. Take this guy for example. Heck, he’s a pretty damn good writer, but he laments to his readers that he dislikes sports. […]

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