Two For Tuesdays

So I work at a record store, right? I try to avoid bitching about the customers and getting all stereotypical record store employee on this here blog…but today, I’m going all fuck that and letting off a little steam.

There’s a certain type of customer who doesn’t want any help from “younger people”. You’d think it would be the real old timers looking for the LIGHT CRUST DOUGHBOYS or some BOB WILLS…but you’d be wrong. The old timers are some of the best people to help…almost always polite, thankful, and plum surprised when a young feller like myself is actually interested in the music their interested in.

The real problem customers are THE BOOMERS. They can’t stand the thought that anyone younger than them even knows what music is, man. It’s always the same routine, “Can you get me someone more my age…they’ll know for sure what ALLMAN BROTHERS CD “QUEEN OF HEARTS” is on.” It’s like, “If you didn’t experience the 60s, man, you just won’t be able to help me.” ARGH! It would blow their minds if they knew I listened to music made before 1991!

(Side note: “Queen of Hearts” was originally on Gregg Allman’s Lp LAID BACK)

Anyway, I got a real live Boomer the other day who wanted a song she knew the title to but not the artist…and if I could get someone older…you know, more her age, they’d know who sang it. Well, I blew her mind by using a computer and typing in the song title..and what do you know, up popped the info we needed!

Oh, this was the song:

Just When I Needed You Most

Pretty cool song, Boomer…………..but not cool enough for TWO FOR TUESDAYS here at AWESOMENESS!

Maybe if I was more your age I wouldn’t listen to this:




Fuck you, Boomers!