Summer Reading

Who likes books?!

Believe it or not, I don’t spend all my time trolling blogs, watching pornographies, and hating on sports…sometimes I actually read real books…on bound paper, no less. Last weekend I hit up Half Price Books and found some real gems.

Not the best picture, I know, but it’s early and I can’t spend all morning trying to take the perfect picture of some paperbacks…some of us have to go to work you know. That being said, I’ll walk you through the titles.

The first two are by L. Ron Hubbard: DIANETICS and SCIENTOLOGY: A NEW STUDY ON LIFE. Once I read these…say goodbye to my REACTIVE MIND, baby!


Oh, I was super excited to find EXISTENZ! I love me some novelizations…especially the novelization of the best film about anal sex ever made….

Oh snap, it’s RAW DEAL! I sure hope this scene is in the book:

I also hit up the true crime section and found KILLER BODIES! Here, this video will give you a heads up on the story.

Last on the list….a novelization of SQUARE PEGS!?

But before I can get to those….I have to finish:


I’d like to thank the GOOD DOCTOR for turning me on to James Herbert’s mutant rat books!

So keep reading, everyone…and remember,


5 Responses to “Summer Reading”

  1. Myrtle Says:

    Have you ever read the novelization of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? It’s surprisingly good, with a lot of stuff that’s not in the movie…

  2. Cliff Burns Says:

    Just posted my occult thriller/supernatural mystery on my blog for free reading and download. The novel’s called SO DARK THE NIGHT and features two private detectives who only work from dusk ’til dawn. Definitely qualifies as summer reading.

    If you’re so inclined…

  3. Dr Julius Limbani Says:

    Good luck making it through Dianetics. I prefer ULTRONETICS.

  4. Soylent Steve Says:


    There’s a whole lot wrong here Mr. Canacorn…..a whole lot.

    Your photos lay your “pro-literacy” lame ass viewpoint to waste.

    Reading is sexy!….Pfffft!

    The photos clearly say…”Reading is for asses….and pussies.”

    Your purchase pics also support the argument that if a book was any good, they’d make it into a movie…..and if they decided to write another book because that movie kicked ass…..well then they’d call that book Part II and make a kick ass movie out of it as well because movies rock and reading is for pussies.

    Television is also superior to reading (getting kicked in the nuts with size 13 work boots is superior to reading)…hence the Square Pegs book.

    So there is is Canacorn you poor, misguided bastard.

    You’re all wrong man….all wrong.*

    *This comment is so fucking good it aches.**

    **Watch for “Comment” opening May 30th at a theater near you!

  5. mrcanacorn Says:

    Hopefully, the novelization of “Comment” will be twice as good as the movie.

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