Lets Go Arcade!

Ever hear of Ivonne Loyola?

She has a BLOG and a WEBSITE.

I don’t know her, but The Wife and I LOVE her short film LETS GO ARCADE
…Wha? Never heard of it? I guess I’m not surprised…we found it at I Luv Video about 7 years ago…really awesome store…seriously…

(photo borrowed from RHAAGA’S FLICKR PAGE)

Anyway, there it sat, one lonely vhs tape…I think it was only a 50 cent rental…it had a cutesy hand drawn box cover of Pac Man and maybe a ghost or two and the title, “LETS GO ARCADE.”

All we knew about it was that it was a musical set in a 1980s arcade..so that’s all you get and you get to keep your 50 cents cause it’s on YouTube:

The audio’s not the best, but that kind of adds to it’s vhs charm, if you ask me….



It still makes me smile…I’d love to get a copy of it on dvd…maybe I’ll drop this mysterious Ivonne Loyola a line and see if she has any to sell…oh, I even made this bumper sticker for my truck seven years ago…’cause I’m gay like that:



I just purchased this amazing 1971 record (sound unheard) the other day based on the cover alone.

Look closely at the center picture…here, I’ll help:

That’s a 10 year old playing guitar behind his head while doing the splits!!!!

I wish you could hear the sheer brilliance of this junior funk masterpiece…oh wait…here’s a Myspace page for Jr.


These kids can play…Jr’s picking is pretty tight, but the girls steal the show on most songs with their dueling organ techniques…I mean, what’s cooler than a six year old girl slamming away at a WAW-WAW organ on songs called “MOMMA, LOVE TEQUILLA” and “THING, DO THE CREEP“? Beats me…but as of this morning…nothing.

And if you’re all techno savvy or whatever I believe this site has provided a way to download the album HERE.

Seriously, get hip to this shit.