Man-Up Mondays!

It’s no secret that I love me some questionable comedic material…growing up in the 70s and 80s will do that to an impressionable young man. It’s also no secret that I spent waaaay too much time planted in front of the tee-vee soaking up the politically incorrect language, images, and world views of various entertainers. Which brings me to the man in today’s spotlight:


(You might know him as, THE UNKNOWN COMIC) DOB: Unknown – Still Kickin’

Oh man, I loved this guy on THE GONG SHOW! Seriously. I thought Murray was comedy gold…Hey, Give me a break, I was just a kid. Here, you tell me:


No? Not funny? Not even a little? Whatever…I wonder how you can go through life being so boring..sorry he’s not all DANE COOK

Anyway, a few years ago a buddy of mine (who actually appreciates my love for THE UC) bought me this:


When I was planning on honoring Murray I remembered I never even watched the damn thing…notice the hefty $1 price tag in the upper corner? It’s kinda’ hard to read, but trust me, this dvd was only $1. You just know it’s gonna’ be good!

Uh…….truth be told…it’s not so good. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s no KINGPIN, but what is? Click the link above the picture of the dvd for some info..I will tell you this, it was made in 1993…but get this, the butts of some of his jokes are Pia Zadora, Robert Goulet, and Bo Derek?! Not so timely there, Murray…

There is a pretty cool interview with Murray here…I know you’re not all that into clicking on every link I throw your way so, here’s my favorite part:

That was, ah, Make Me Laugh. I did Make Me Laugh, and I was doing a bunch of jokes. It wasn’t as The Unknown Comic; it was as me, because I did it both as me and as The Unknown Comic. And I did a joke where I was reading things out of a newspaper, because you’re trying to make somebody laugh. I never did Sinatra jokes in my act, but I did one joke where I said, “Sinatra’s gonna open up a halfway house for girls who don’t go all the way.” It wasn’t a hard joke. I totally forgot about it.

So I guess Sinatra saw a rerun six months later and he literally… I’m shaving, and he calls me on the phone. Of course, you don’t think Sinatra’s calling you. So I pick up the phone, and he goes, “Is this Murray Langston?” I go, “Yeah.” He says, “This is Sinatra, you cocksucker,” and he starts cursing at me. “You ever mention my name, I’m gonna break your fucking legs,” and all this shit, you know. I don’t believe it’s Sinatra, I think it’s a friend of mine. I’m going, “Fuck you, dickhead.” He’s going back and forth with me, and I’m laughing at him, and the more I laugh at him, the more he’s getting pissed off.

He’s saying, “This is Frank Sinatra.” The other thing is, I don’t remember ever doing a joke on Sinatra. Finally, he screams at me, I don’t know what he said. I said, “Yeah, if you’re Sinatra, sing ‘My Way,’ asshole.” That’s what did it. He just yelled at me and hung up. So I got back to shaving, and a couple minutes later the phone rings again, and I pick it up. It’s another voice that I recognize, saying, “Is this Murray Langston?” I say, “Yeah.” He says, “This is Milton Berle. Do you recognize my voice?” And I recognized Milton Berle’s voice. He says, “Look, Frank just called me. Apparently, you didn’t think you were talking to him.” I had to stop shaving, because I’d probably cut my throat at the time. Anyway, he tells me Sinatra’s this and Sinatra’s that, and he says, “I’m not blaming you. He’s just a little crazy at his age.”

Anyway, it was funny, because he went through the agency and actually was trying… I found out through a lot of sources that he was really going to have somebody rough me up. I called up the producer of this show and I said, “You’ll never guess what happened.” And the producer says, “Yeah, Frank Sinatra called me.” I said, “How’d you know?” “Well, where do you think he got your phone number?” I said, “You asshole.” It was a big stink. What a jerk this guy was.

So, hats off to Murray Langston, THE UNKNOWN COMIC…and the writer and star of this little 1984 comic masterpiece: