Two For Tuesdays

Every once in a while a friend has an idea for my blog, “You should totally do a MAN-UP on so and so,” or “Howsabout fill in the blank for your TWO FOR’S?”

While I love the suggestions (and the fact that someone is even interested in the content of my blog) I usually shy away from their concept and try to figure out one on my own. I do like trying to build on their idea and twisting it to fit into my not so unique vision of AWESOMENESS.

So, with that being said, thanks to Swede for his LEE VAN CLEEF MAN-UP proposal…which I have decided to turn into today’s TWO FOR about…


I knew right away what song I wanted to feature first…I remember one beer fueled afternoon when The Good Doctor and his girlfriend played the trailer for the EXORCIST II THE HERETIC over and over again just to hear this track…


Now was that AWESOME or what?! That has to be my all time favorite pieces of music THE MAESTRO has ever written…yes, even better than THIS!

THE MAESTRO has sooo many songs to choose from that span sooo many genres, it’s hard to pick just two…but I’ll try.

Svolta Definitiva

What’s that from?” you ask? Peep this awesome trailer for VIOLENT CITY!

If you have a hankerin’ for some more Morricone head on over to:


They rule over there!