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I miss my mustache…

Thanks for reminding me, PROJECTIONIST.

Clickity Clickity

Heads up, gang! I just spent over 2 fucking hours traveling the tubes of the interweb searching for new and exciting blogs to share with my fellow time wasters…I mean, insatiable knowledge seekers

So, direct your attention to the right and you will see some new links filed under some nifty new link categories ————————————————————————————>

Explicit Depictions**NSFW**
Do I have to spell this out for you? THESE LINKS ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK!
Don’t be a baby and come crying to me if you click on one of these and see something that might offend you…okay? Okay.

Food, Food, Food
These are about…you guessed it….FOOD. This category is kinda’ new to it will be a slow grower.

Heroes And Villains
I am a nerd…I like books with drawings in them…I call them comic books.

Hey, I know you!
I actually know these people…they have many interests…I am interested in what they are interested in.

Just stuff
That’s it…all sorts of stuff.

These kids keep me informed about all the important things going on in this cuckoo cuckoo world.

Persistence Of Vision
Persistence of vision is the phenomenon of the eye by which even nanoseconds of exposure to an image result in milliseconds of reaction (sight) from the retina to the optic nerves. This is because persistence of vision depends on chemical transmission of nerve responses, and this biochemical hysteresis is much slower than the light transmission.
…uh…movies and tee-vee…that kind of stuff…

Psychoacoustics is the study of subjective human perception of sounds. Alternatively it can be described as the study of the psychological correlates of the physical parameters of acoustics.”
…uh…music…you listen to it…

The Horror
I’m a sucker for all sorts of monsters, killers, slashers, and the people they love to kill…and so are these fine folks.

The Wife
You know her…I love her…she blogs.

Keep your eyes peeled…I’m sure I’ll be adding more…