No Fucking Way…

Do you guys have that friend that has seen just about every awesome movie ever made? I actually have a couple…sometimes they say things that sound like fantastical, made-up, beautiful, nonsense…like this:

FRIEND: “I saw a great Caesar Romero flick called LATITUDE ZERO recently. Pretty bizarre Japanese thing with man-bats, flying lions, submarines. Definitely recommended.

What?! No way this is real…it just sounds too damn awesome…oh wait…


Man-Up Mondays!

Just got back into town…so this will have to be a quick one, kids…

Today is not just about a man…but a man and his mustache.

That’s right, The Clown Prince Of Crime and his Mucho Macho Mustache!

I know there have been many incarnations of The Joker, but Cesar Romero has always been my favorite. Yes, even more than Alan Moore’s hugely influential (for better or worse) take on the lovable sociopath.

This is why:

That scene is from Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt…which I have never seen…but boy do I want to real bad!

I don’t even want to talk about Jack’s PARTYMAN Joker from 1989 or this:


Really? This is what everyone is so goddamn excited about? Puh-Leeze! Shit, even all of Southeast Asia knows The Joker has a mustache!