Whoever is reading this blog

Why don’t you waste time at some other blogs, like this one? You’re not the only person trying to waste time around here and I just don’t have enough material to keep everyone entertained all the live long day. Besides, your mother doesn’t write here, so it won’t always be “super interesting to just you.”

Mr. Canacorn

Two For Tuesdays

Man oh man, The Wife and I just finished up SEASON 4 of 90210 last night…damn, is it me or does that show just keep getting better and better?!

I really wanted to spotlight BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN today, but there’s a surprising lack of videos from his hop hop masterwork, ONE STOP CARNIVAL

Look at little David Silver all grows up and lookin’ sexy for the ladies.

YOU SEND ME (click and be amazed)

But we’re going to have to pass on Dav- uh, Brian and go with another white rapper type…

MC 900 FT JESUS aka fellow Texan, Mark Griffin.



Well, I do have to admit, Mark’s music is better than Brian’s but, Brian has Mark beat in the looks department…not that I’m gay or anything…I’m just saying…that’s all…hey look at this…

I finally found a place to put put my tall boy of Lone Star!

Nice juggs, Don- uh, Tori!