Two For Tuesdays

Man oh man, The Wife and I just finished up SEASON 4 of 90210 last night…damn, is it me or does that show just keep getting better and better?!

I really wanted to spotlight BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN today, but there’s a surprising lack of videos from his hop hop masterwork, ONE STOP CARNIVAL

Look at little David Silver all grows up and lookin’ sexy for the ladies.

YOU SEND ME (click and be amazed)

But we’re going to have to pass on Dav- uh, Brian and go with another white rapper type…

MC 900 FT JESUS aka fellow Texan, Mark Griffin.



Well, I do have to admit, Mark’s music is better than Brian’s but, Brian has Mark beat in the looks department…not that I’m gay or anything…I’m just saying…that’s all…hey look at this…

I finally found a place to put put my tall boy of Lone Star!

Nice juggs, Don- uh, Tori!

7 Responses to “Two For Tuesdays”

  1. LuckyKitty Says:

    Two things:
    1. Season 5 comes out July 29th… Val-er-ie! Val-er-ie!
    2. MC 900 Ft Jesus cut in line in front of me and a friend once at a show and we were all “what’s up Mr. MC 900 Ft. Cut In Line”… good stuff…

  2. bwanavoodoo Says:

    Man, I hate when they their alleged “descent”. “Brian is of Cherokee, Hungarian, Irish, blah, blah blah”, What does that even mean? Everybody claims some sort of fucking Indian, usually a retarded percentage. “Oh, I’m 3/16 Choctaw on my grandmother’s side.”What the fuck ever. I really hate that guy. And fuckin’ Shannon Doherty needs to thank Wilford Brimley for putting up with her ass on that “Our House” show. Tori Spelling didn’t get any of Daddy’s money cus she’s so fucking hideously ugly she scared the money away. Fuck even I got left some of Aaron’s money, and I only met him once when my cousin Giacomo installed his alarm system.

  3. Soylent Steve Says:

    90210 ended when they graduated Mr C.

    That’s right…the cavalcade of talent that came after Brenda (AB) could not make up for her absence.

    Brenda rules!

    And James Eckhouse kicks ASS!


  4. mrcanacorn Says:

    Steve, buddy, if you were really such a fan, you’d know that Brenda doesn’t leave for London until the end of their first year at college (aka the END OF SEASON 4). I will agree that Brenda is pretty cool, but I’m a Donna man all the way. Bwanarama can make fun of my little horse face cup holder all he wants, but Donna is the best piece of ass in a chastity belt I ever did see.

    Oh and I’m pretty damn sure James Eckhouse is a fucking werewolf…and I ever see him, I’m shooting him right in his hairy heart with a silver bullet!

  5. Soylent Steve Says:

    Ok…ya gotta back off of Eckhouse man.

    And I’m aware that Shannon left after Season 4..I’m also aware that this show lost it after they graduated High School.



  6. mrcanacorn Says:

    Were-fucking-wolf…you know, you kind of look like Eckhouse…I wonder….

  7. Myrtle Says:

    James Eckhouse’s only good role was in “Stand and Deliver” where he played the dumb white substitute teacher when Edward James Olmos had a heart attack.

    I was hoping the cholos were going to jump him afterschool while listening to WAR 🙂

    It’s all about Kelly Taylor’s coke mom 🙂

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