The SS Stands For Super Smooth…


The first time I saw these guys they taught me about The Slow Jerk! Try it at work sometime…it goes over real well…oh, don’t forget to finish on yourself!

Man-Up Memorial Day Monday!

Time for rememberin’ those who served…

American Hero, SGT. ROCK

(Painting by Daniel Cox)

First appeared in G.I. Combat #68 (Jan. 1959) and according to legend, he was killed on the last day of World War II by the last enemy bullet fired. Dogtag number: 409966

Sgt. Frank Rock wasn’t a Green Beret…but SSgt. Barry Sadler sure was!

Call me corny, but I’ve always loved that song.

Now a (mini) pictorial salute to Sgt. Rock!

Check out a whole bunch more of Joe Kubert’s art over at COMIC VINE…you won’t be disappointed.

But you might be disappointed in this…SGT. ROCK (IS GOING TO HELP ME) by XTC…I know, they’re British…but the damn song is called SGT. ROCK for Christ’s sake!

Maybe you were expecting something more American?