Two For Tuesdays

Heads up, kiddos…it’s time for Wendy Orlean Williams!!! Can you handle the fury of THE METAL PRIESTESS!?

While she not typically considered beautiful, I find her unbelievably hot! I know, I know, my taste in women is questionable and downright confusing to some…but I know what I like!

Here she is with THE PLASMATICS!

And from the first Lp after the break up of the band (cleverly titled W.O.W.):

I’m happy to say that I own a few Plasmatics and Wendy records….but my collection is far from complete…

Oh, I even have the soundtrack to REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS! God, I love that fucking movie even if Wendy wasn’t too thrilled with it.

Do yourself a favor and rent Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show special dvd of Punk and New Wave for some amazing interviews and awesome performances….and see Wendy blow up a car!