Tropic Thunder

I was almost 100% sold on this movie thanks to Robert Downey Jr.

But once I found out Nick Nolte was in it….

It gets a big, “FUCK YEAH!

Who Wants Treats?

I’m gonna’ hit you guys up with a Mr. and Mrs. Canacorn fun fact…we’re both nerds. Not like this couple (be nice, I think they’re adorable)…but we have our moments.

Today I bought my Jeremiah The Innocent vinyl statue…figurine…toy…whatever it is…I just had to have one.


Luckily The Wife deemed him “cute” enough to be allowed to reside in the living room…not stashed away in the office with King Kong, The Bride Of Frankenstein, Metaluna Mutant, Hellboy, Leatherface, Rat Fink….uh, I think you get the picture. But I really don’t have as many toys as you would think…seriously. Anyway, here he is out in public:

The Wife also has her weakness….for Jason Spaceman.

Just about every Spaceman related item in our house is signed…oh, when he played a Waterloo in-store she made him a birthday cake…seriously…and he ate it.

So, when the young lad decides to release a limited edition of his new record, guess who had to have one?

SONGS IN A&E double green vinyl

It is pretty. And speaking of pretty, we have a friend that designs records….check out his stuff at ruined potential…(I love the simplicity of his site.)

Here’s a gift I bought for The Wife:




The love and attention he puts into his releases makes me cry a little.

The last treat was for the both of us:

MISTER LONELY soundtrack

Music by J. Spaceman and Sun City Girls? Something for the whole family.