Wanna’ See Something Fucked Up?

Remember when THE MACHINE GIRL trailer was the buzz of the interweb? No…oh come on, you must have seen the trailer?

Pretty rad, huh? I just ordered my copy….but that’s not all I ordered.

Ever hear of this?


Don’t let the slick poster fool you…you can click below to see the trailer (and it’s soooo NSFW).

Click that shit, bro! TGP

WOAH! HOW AWESOME WAS THAT?! Did you see the big ass gun that shot human fists?! Or the chick that was half alligator…her lower half was the head of a fucking alligator, man…what the fuck?! Do you think that one guy will ever stop squirting blood?

Christ on a bike! Looks like Japan just raised the bar over in Tromaville (except for the tits, of course)!

Two For Tuesdays

Guess who has a soft spot in their heart for a little Soft Cell?

You’re right, ME! You know, just because I work in a record store doesn’t mean I know everything about music…far from it. Everyday I learn something new, like, Soft Cell covered “Tainted Love”. Huh? I guess some Soft Cell fans knew this, but I’m not a super fan of them or GLORIA JONES.

But we’re not here for Ms. Jones…so let’s make with SOFT CELL already!

How can I not love a song called SEX DWARF!

Or check out the original video filled with trannys, raw meat, chainsaws, and a real live sex dwarf…if you dare…

WOOF, indeed!

Let’s keep it uncomfortable, shall we?


Well, I don’t know about y’all, but I need a shower…