Domo Arigato, Mr. Winston.

Awww geeze, one of the best Fx guys in the biz has passed away…on a Monday no less. Well, Stan doesn’t deserve to be an also-ran for Man-Up Mondays so this is his own post.

Stan Winston April 7, 1946 – June 15, 2008
From the AP:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Stan Winston, the Oscar-winning special-effects maestro responsible for bringing the dinosaurs of “Jurrasic Park” and other iconic movie creatures to life, has died. He was 62.

Winston died at his home in Malibu surrounded by family on Sunday evening after a seven-year struggle with multiple myeloma, according to a representative from Stan Winston Studio.

Working with such directors as Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Tim Burton in a career spanning over four decades, Winston created some of the most memorable visual effects in cinematic history. He helped bring the dinosaurs from “Jurassic Park,” the extraterrestrials from “Aliens, the robots from “Terminator” and even “Edward Scissorhands” to the big screen.

So everyone goes on and on and on about the Terminator series, Aliens, Jurassic Park, and Predator…but not me!

Has everyone forgotten about THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL? He totally designed the Wookie Family, you know!

Remember how awesome they were?

Or what about HEARTBEEPS?! He was nominated for an Academy Award, for Christ’s sake!

Wow…so much cooler than the Predator, right?

And why don’t people fawn over Mr. Winston for his totally badass design of the MR. ROBOTO mask he did for Styx?

Oh where’s your video? Well, the shit-birds over at Universal Music don’t cotton to no embedding…so, click here for Roboto Awesomeness!

Damn, he did some great work, huh? Domo, Mr. Winston…Domo, indeed!

Things I Decided Today

I never want to use the phrase Crippling Diarrhea when talking about myself.

Man-Up Mondays!

Today’s man is no stranger to controversy…

Art by Erik Rose

Love him or hate him, Joey Greco, is totally keepin’ it real here at Awesomeness this Monday!

“Do you really think I’m a parasite?”

For once, I’ll let the People Of The Internet tell you why Mr. Greco is worthy enough for Man-Up!

Joey Greco is scary as hell. Just imagine some metrosexual looking fellow with a deep voice and a creepy way of staring at things standing in your face and asking you why you’re being unfaithful.” –composer_mike

[Joey] is an obvious sleaze ball. He lacks even Jerry Springer’s sparkle and bemused air, treating each case as though it were the second coming of “Who’s Afraid Of Virgina Woolf?” rather than just another entry in the divorce court record. He pretends to be on the victim’s side, and to be an agent of justice, but what he really is just a poor man’s Barbara Walters, mercilessly trying to get the victim to cry for the cameras.” –abandonedbywolves

[Joey] strike me as the sleaziest low-lifes ever, and it says a lot when such things can make a living doing things like this.” –Jordan_Haelend

…the host of Cheaters Joey Greco is a little bastard…” –infowarrior19832006

Thanks IMDb users for your thoughts! You guys are right….Joey Greco rules…and here’s one last reason why:

…he was on ESPN’s hip-hop oriented fitness show, Fitness Pros!

I may hate sports, but I love me some hip hop and aerobics!

And finally, a musical tibute: