Two For Tuesdays…

…is fucking late due to my inability to find what I fucking want! Damn you internet, you’re supposed to have everything!!!!!

My buddy, Bwana, asked me if I had the soundtrack to TerrorVision the other day. Sadly, I didn’t…Hell, I didn’t even know what the fuck a TerrorVision was!

So I did some poking around and found out a little bit about the horror comedy from 1986…look at this:


Wanna see it move? It’s kind of gross but also super adorable.

I sure hope Bwana reviews this for Gorillanaut soon!

I know, it’s Tuesday and you’re wondering, “What’s all this have to do with music?” Well, like I said earlier, my friend was inquiring about the soundtrack so I started looking on the web to see who was on it. Well, there’s this little “art rock” group called The Fibonaccis that did the theme song to TerrorVision! It’s pretty cool…here, check it out:


But this was the real find….

Purple Haze

I never need to listen to Hendrix again in my life, but this cover fucking rules and the video makes me beyond happy! I still would love to find the TerrorVision LP…wanna know why? Because Ricard Band did the score…and he is awesome and amazing!