Dear Funny Games (2007)

Dear FUNNY GAMES (2007)*,

I was so totally into you last night. You had me right from the get. At one point I even told The Wife, “This is the best horror movie I’ve seen in years.” Then it happened. Don’t act all coy…you know exactly what part I’m talking about. What a way to ruin a whole movie….No, no, don’t bother trying to explain…I’m familiar with Metafictionand Metafilm. I get it, really. But you totally cheated by trying to get across some kind of message.

As Bill Duke would say, “You know you done fucked up, don’t you? You know it, don’t you? You know you done fucked up.

But you don’t. You think you’re sooooo clever and smart.

I hate you, FUNNY GAMES.

“You shouldn’t forget the importance of entertainment.”

*This is also for you, FUNNY GAMES (1997)!