Man Eaters

Yesterday, my favorite Uncle over at Kindertrauma actually called Roz “Pinky Tuscadero” Kelly scary….now this is out of context, but come on! Sure, she’s got Man Eater written all over that 70s body…but that’s nothing to be afraid of, right? I know my 5 year old mind was blown when I saw her strutting around in those white shorty-shorts and competing in a (men only) demolition derby without a fucking helmet!

What’s the matter little boy, scared of a full grown woman?

Thinking of Pinky brought back all sorts of Happy Days memories…The Malachi Brothers‘ devastating move: The Malachi Crunch, the day Richie almost died, and of course…

Leather Tuscadero!!

Rocker chick, Suzi Quatro

You know, Leather was only in 7 episodes of Happy Days, but that was enough to firmly plant a solid crush in my young melon (and I totally was crushing on her sister as well…see above).

Enough with the Happy Dayslet’s rock!

Daytona Demon

And thanks to Suzi, the world was given the boner inducing band…THE RUNAWAYS! There’s so much to say about this killer band, but some of us have day jobs to get to…so here’s a video…I think it says it all.

Cherry Bomb

Man, I love me some rocker chicks!

6 Responses to “Man Eaters”

  1. Unkle Lancifer Says:

    I’m not scared of Leather. (Tuscadero, that is)

    C’mon, did you watch that Paul Lynde Halloween special clip? Her voice could strip paint off a wall! Just for that, I’m not going to send you any of my “Jenny Piccolo teaches Joanie Cunningham how to make-out” fan fiction!

  2. Unkle Lancifer Says:

    By the way, K.C Cunningham a.k.a Crystal Bernard walks in on them!

  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    I said it was out of context….and I didn’t mention your whole fillet o fish nonsense…seriously…fish from McDonald’s?!

    Make with the fan-fic you stingy bastard!

  4. Unkle Lancifer Says:

    O.K Mr. C (ah, this is all starting to Make sense!), Taking the Paul Lynde Halloween special off the table and focusing solely on the image of Ms. Kelly you posted, I can only say that there is a reason that the whole “adult denim diapers” look never caught on and that reason is named Roz “Pinky Tuscadero” Kelly.

    I’m not sure that you are worthy of my volume on Piccolo/Cunningham relations (considering your feelings about the filet-o-fish) but as an olive branch I am forwarding my epic fan fiction poem I authored that concerns Lori Beth and Big Al’s romantic spelunking adventure in which they encounter the cave dwellers from THE DESCENT. The giant spider from KRULL makes an appearance as well but to say more would ruin it. (Hope you are a fan of Calibos from CLASH OF THE TITANS!)

  5. bwanavoodoo Says:

    I remember some sort of coke bottle related story about the one of the Runaways when I was in high school. A less tragic one than the Fatty Arbuckle tale.

  6. aunt john Says:

    Man eater? More like MAN. Nice photoshop work on Roz’s Adam’s apple! Tranny looks like a lady…

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