Man-Up Mondays!

Today’s man is certainly no hero…he might be more liked than last week’s Man-Up entry…and that’s saying a lot since he’s none other than killer cowboy pimp, Ramrod!

Ramrod…a multi-tasker.

Now, now, don’t go getting all upset…I’m not some sicko that enjoys the rampant violence against women in movies….uh…well, that’s not totally true, but I’m certainly not condoning real violence (read: not movie…which is fake) against women. But I’m not here to debate violent movies with you….I like ’em. If you don’t, so be it, but spare me your lectures.

Anyway, back to Ramrod! If you thought Joan Crawford had the market cornered on wire hangers and bitch slapping, you gotta’ see what Ramrod has up his sleeve…his pimp hand is strong, to say the least.

This is going to hurt me…oh, who am I kidding?

You might remember a little movie from 1982 called, VICE SQUAD! No? Seriously, go back and click the link to watch the trailer…I’ll wait…………………………..huh? What did I tell ya’? This movie rules for 101 reasons, but the numero uno reason is Wings Hauser’s chilling performance.

Best of Ramrod part 1! Here we get a small taste of Ramrod’s way with the ladies.

Best of Ramrod part 2! Now Ramrod shows the coppers what’s what!

Holee crap! Did he really headbutt that dude with that chick’s head? How many cops did it take to get one man down? Did you see how he got out of that car? Fuck, Ramrod is like The Terminator (the one from the first movie…you know, the cool one?) and indestructible psycho, John Kirby all rolled into one…but with cooler threads.

Ramrod, you rule, you sick son of a bitch!

To get some more info on VICE SQUAD and other 80s action masterpieces check out Uncle Lancifer’s kind of recent post over at one of my most favoritest blogs, KINDERTRAUMA!

*Thanks to VLogger, Janus131 for the great clips!

3 Responses to “Man-Up Mondays!”

  1. bwanavoodoo Says:

    Wings did the song “Neon Slime” for the soundtrack. Mtv chick Nina Blackwood is dead hooker Ginger. One of Wings best along with DEAD MEN DON’T DANCE. I got a pic of Wings I took at a Vegas Video convention twenty years ago. I saw him on “House” recently.

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    I really wanted to include the opening credits to VS to spotlight “Neon Slime”…but no dice on YouTube. No matter what Wings is in, he’ll always be Ramrod to me…oh, did you notice Ramrod had a Paul Snider sex bench in his room along with all the Elvis pictures?

  3. Unkle Lancifer Says:

    I wish Ramrod did a whole album of songs. That is the best opening track to a movie ever.

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