Lover’s Spat….

So, the other night The Wife and I started watching THE STAIRCASEoh, wait…don’t tell me how it ends! We haven’t finished it yet…anyway, it’s totally fucking awesome and all that.

Now when I’m watching something I get all obsessive and talk about it at great lengths in a very excitable manner…lots of loud talking, wild gesticulations, acting out scenes…seriously, I get all hyper and weird…but I’m a pretty good verbal storyteller (I’m Irish), so it’s a ton of fun…for me.

Anyway, my buddy, Jon, recommended this mini-series so I felt the need to fill him in on where I was at in the story…this involves me retelling the entire first two episodes to the poor guy who’s already seen the damn thing…but he’s cool with it…he knows how I am. This is what he looks like:

Hello, boys!

Just to refresh your memory…this is me:

I love me some meat in my mouth!

So were outside of work (oh, real quick, he works at our sister video store) and I’m going all crazy-nuts about the show and I get to the part when the lawyer starts grilling his client to prepare him for the prosecution’s assault. The lawyer starts asking the guy about his gay affairs and the guy’s all talking around the subject so his lawyer starts yelling, “Did you give him a blowjob? Did you give him a blowjob?!

You got the part where we’re outside…in public..and I get very loud and excitable, right? Okay, so I’m all up in Jon’s face, practically stabbing him in the eye with my index finger, screaming about blowjobs when a young lady sipping a frappuccino walks by…you see where this is going now? Good.

So she says, “Oh my!” like she can’t even help herself and walks away real quick like from the bear and his cub’s little lover’s spat.

Nice, huh? I yelled after her that I was talking about a tee vee show, but she just gave me a “Yeah, right,” and hotfooted it away from the crazy gay guys fighting about blowjobs.

Oh well…I hope she had a good story to tell for the rest of her day…I know I did.

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