“I’m A Doctor. I Know Science.”

So says Dr. McNinja.

Who is this mysterious Dr.” you ask?

I wasn’t sure who he was either. You know, it always seems like I’m one of the last people to find out about the latest internet craze, so you might not be asking, “Who is this mysterious Dr.?” but saying, “Oh cool Dr. McNinja, he’s really not that much of a mystery, Canacorn. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is a webcomic written and drawn by Chris Hastings and inked by his former roommate Kent Archer. Published three times a week on its own website, it features the adventures of a thirty-five-year-old ninja who also happens to be a doctor. Strips are presented in a high contrast black-and-white, but for a period of time were shaded digitally. Dr. McNinja is highly story-driven, with twenty- to sixty-page issues. The first story was published in the summer of 2004 as a one-off, and the comic has been in regular publication since late 2005. The site also sells Dr. McNinja merchandise.


Anyway, as I was saying…..I was unaware of Dr. McNinja until Chris Sims over at his awesome comic blog, the-isb.com, posted a gushing review for the second trade. Actually, Chris has been mentioning Dr. McNinja off and on for a while now, but I just now decided to pay attention and check out the comic for myself. After reading the first few high-larious issues online, I’ve decided to order the trades…reading a comic online is kinda’ weird for an analog guy like myself…I prefer to have a comic book in my hot little hands rather than on a monitor. Guess I’m old school like that. The series is one of the funniest I’ve read in years and chock full of action (we are talking about a ninja for Christ’s sake)! There’s gorillas, dinosaurs, Ben Franklin, mustaches, chainsaw nunchucks, and Batman jokes…all the things nerds require for a perfect comic.

Oh and while you’re there, check out the store section of the website…where else would you find a shirt with a gorilla high-fiving a shark?