Man-Up Mondays!

Yesterday’s little infomercial was a small teaser for today’s Man-Up Monday! Check this out…it’s from my buddy, Wiki (he knows so damn much I just can’t stop quoting him all the time)…just to put it into context, he’s discussing the film, MAGNOLIA.

Frank T.J. Mackey, the character that Cruise would play in the film, was based in part on an audio-recording done in an engineering class taught by a friend that was given to Anderson. It consisted of two men, “talking all this trash” about women and quoting a man named Ross Jeffries, who was teaching a new version of the Eric Weber course, “How to Pick Up Women,” but utilizing hypnotism and subliminal language techniques. Anderson transcribed the tape and did a reading with Reilly and Chris Penn. The director then incorporated this dialogue and his research on Jeffries and other self-help gurus into Mackey and his sex seminar.

Hmmmm, I must know more about this Ross Jeffries guy! Where to start? The first link was for his website…seriously, go back and click that shit! This next link is his BLOG…and this link is for his YouTube Channel! Christ, I hit a fucking goldmine for you people!

I know you have some questions…and I’m gonna’ let Ross answer them for you, so fire away.

You: “Is this disrespectful to women?”

Ross: “No…absolutely not! I love, love, LOVE women. Women, when properly communicated with, can be the delights of the universe. It is not disrespectful to give a woman an opportunity to discover that she doesn’t need the outdated courting rituals of the modern world in order to feel that wonderful sense of attraction and connection with a man. AND it is even more wonderful to realize that you can get a woman past what she is “typically” attracted to. As I said on TV, “the problem with a woman going for her “type” is that what is typical never lets her discover the extraordinary, which by definition isn’t what she is expecting”.

You: “Does this course require that I be mean / cruel / a jerk to women? I sure don’t want to do that.”

Ross: “Absolutely, 100% NO! It’s true, most men when they “date” have to choose between being a “bully”…a “jerk” who never gives in or a “supplicant”…a beggar who does ANYTHING a woman wants. My course gives you the option to be a truly gentle-MAN; someone who NEVER bullies or BEGS, but instead structures wonderful opportunities, offers her challenges, and captivates and stimulates her deepest levels of imagination. That’s not being cruel; that’s being awesome. And you deserve to be know how good it feels for you and her to do this.”

Jeeze, guys, Ross is our guest…let’s ease up on the “hard” questions. I’ll take over from here. Uh, Ross, will this work on older women? Younger women? Beautiful women?

Ross:It will work with any woman of any age, plain or gorgeous, as long as she has a mind and an imagination.

Cool! Ross, what is your background for being able to train others in Speed Seduction?

Ross:I’ve been studying hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic programming for years, but my best answer is: I know how to solve the problem for others, because I had to solve it for myself! There is NO better motivation to get it right than that! I now have students in 14 countries in 8 languages, so I think I’m doing something right. But remember; the best qualifications are real world results! After you’ve had my course, and you look back and see the months of great results with some truly wonderful women…as you feel that feeling of satisfaction deep inside, and really recognize that ordering the course was a great decision, you’ll KNOW for yourself what my best qualifications are: what I teach really works!

Wow. Hey y’all, let’s watch Ross in action!

What’s up with the fundamentals of SPEED SEDUCTION?

Hmmmm, I want to know more about Weasel Phrases. Ross? How can I use a Weasel Phrase when talking to a woman?

Radical! Thanks for stopping by Awesomeness this fine Monday, Ross!

Hey kids, if Ross isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry, there’s a whole Seduction Community out there! Maybe Neil Strauss or Mystery is more your speed?

7 Responses to “Man-Up Mondays!”

  1. The Wife Says:

    Chris Penn? Really? I thought he was dead…

  2. Ross Jeffries Says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention. More great YouTube videos coming up in the next day or two.

    Stuck in Vacaville CA….


  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    Holee shit!

    Ross Jeffries actually commented on my blog!!!! Best day ever! Keep up the great work, Ross.

    Wow…Ross Jeffries….wow.

  4. Ross Jeffries Says:

    Hey don’t get too excited. If you read my blog the past two days, I’m stuck in Vacaville CA, gateway to nowhere, while they repair a blown compressor in my SAAB.

  5. mrcanacorn Says:

    Sorry to hear about your Pop (and to a lesser extent, your SAAB) Ross.

    Chin up…hopefully you’ll be back home in no time. Watch out, ladies of Vacaville…Ross is in town!

  6. bwanavoodoo Says:

    I guess it’s not surprising this guy makes money. Fucking chiropractors make money are more full of shit than anybody and they make money.

  7. mrcanacorn Says:

    Did you know he drives a SAAB?

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