In Old Gothic Europe They Had Two Burning Passions…

Justin, over at the brilliantly named horror blog ZOMBIE VS. SHARK, has a confession to make:

I have never seen a Hammer horror film. Ever. Really.

GASP! I know, I know…give the guy a break…he’s younger than some of us. But, check it, he needs our help! Heed his cry of desperation and despair!

…I’m gonna need your help, because there are a lot of Hammer flicks out there and, really, I don’t know where to start.
So let me know, in the comments, what Hammer productions I should begin with. I’m going to take the top 10 recommended, hunt them down, and review them here on the site.

So, let’s help a buddy out and hit him up with your favorite Hammer Films in the comment section of HIS post: Stop. Hammer Time. <—- CLICK THAT LINK AND LEAVE HIM A COMMENT ON HIS SITE.

Hey, Anne Rice, This is what Vampires were like before you swished ’em all up!

4 Responses to “In Old Gothic Europe They Had Two Burning Passions…”

  1. freemblap Says:

    Five Million Years to Earth aka Quartmass and the Pit is my favorite of the Hammer films.

    Christopher Lees as Dracula is pretty fucking awesome as well.


  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    Thanks, Freem! I passed your suggestions along to ZvS!

  3. bwanavoodoo Says:

    Pretty much anything Terence Fisher directed. Except The Phantom of the Opera.
    and The Abominable Snowman was good.
    and for tits in the 70’s-Lust for a Vampire, Twins of Evil, Vampire Lovers, Countess Dracula and Vampire Circus.
    Quatermass and the Pit is good but the original TV serial was better.

  4. bwanavoodoo Says:

    Horror of Dracula
    Curse of Frankenstein
    Curse of the Werewolf
    The Mummy
    Brides of Dracula
    Revenge of Frankenstein
    The Devil Rides Out
    The Gorgon
    Plague of the Zombies
    Abominable Snowman

    all available to the average joe

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