Posters From My Closet

This post was inspired by Bwana’s nifty Posters from the Garage idea from a couple of days ago.

A few years back I got all eBay crazy and started ordering a bunch of lobby cards and movie adverts to decorate the office in our new house. The wife was cool with that, but, they had to be framed….fine by me…a man in his 30s should not, I repeat, not have posters tacked to the wall.

Well, the ’76 King Kong poster got framed up real good by The Wife as a Christmas present and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster (which I’ve had for forever) has a cheap snap together frame that will do for now…

But framing stuff can be so expensive…and our friend who worked at the Frame Corner got a foreign girlfriend and moved to Poland or something so we lost our “friend price” hook up. What does this all mean? It means I have a shit-ton of cool stuff that lives in my closet in the office and not on the walls! Total bummer, right?

So, here are four of my favorites that will be framed sooner rather than later (along with a link and a video of course).

Long Live The New Flesh: VIDEODROME

Man In Suit…wait…Men In Suits: WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS

Korean King Kong, y’all: A*P*E

And this movie makes me wonder if the 70s really was the most perfect decade: KARATE BEAR FIGHTER

Sadly, I have found no video of Sonny Chiba karate-ing the crap out of a bear…but if you want to see him karate chop a bull in the head so hard that an unholy fountain of blood sprays all over our PETA hatin’ hero, click here!

Oh, you might have noticed that I love my posters to be in languages I can’t read…I’m kind of a dork.