Goodbye, Old Chums.

Well, the day has come…The Wife and I are finally Netflix users.

Why now? Well…this is hard for me…the video store that I’ve frequented for a decade is closing it’s doors next month.

It’s true, the Waterloo Video annex is soon to be no more. I’m bummed for a few reasons. Of course I’ll miss the free rentals and discounts, but the real shame is that some really cool people are not going to be part of my daily routine anymore. Oh sure, some of my video friends are coming over to the record store, but some are going their own way…choosing not to be part of the dying art that is the record store employee. We’ve had some good times together…and I’m seriously going to be bummed. Good luck to all you kooky kids…I guess we can keep in touch on MySpace or something.

It’s strange to watch some of my fellow record store employees rape the shelves over at the video store and never once stop to think how this might be affecting the people who actually work over there. It’s not like it’s just some store going out of business…it’s our store. Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Next time it could be us (scratch that…next time it WILL BE us)…and I hope the people we work with can muster up some fucking sympathy as they buy all the cheap product to plump up their collections or their eBay accounts to actually care about the people who’s lives are drastically going to change in less than a month.

Alright…I know I don’t usually get all mushy, so I’ll stop. Netflix…I guess it’s the future. Or maybe it’s downloading movies? Whatever. So far I’m pretty excited about my new way of “renting” movies. I’ll miss the endless browsing I’m capable of in an actual store…but browsing online isn’t the worst thing I suppose. I’ll also miss the infinite knowledge possessed by the soon to be extinct video clerk…and that kinda’ sucks.

Welcome to the future, Mr. Canacorn, hope you like it without some of your friends around!

Oh, Daddy Merrill, if you’re reading this, please tell the ‘Loo video kids to hit me up on MySpace.

2 Responses to “Goodbye, Old Chums.”

  1. bwanavoodoo Says:

    Yeah that’s sad I guess. I wish Vulcan would go down just cus I hate the owner. Anyway, have you ever seen RECORD CITY? It’s got Gorshin AND Storch I put the trailer up today.

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    Never heard of it…I’ll check it out! If it’s got Gorshin, it’s gotta’ be good!

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