Two For Tuesdays

I dropped the ball on Man-Up yesterday…so sue me. But never fear, today you get your twofer!

What’s up with experimental musician/performance artist and (would be) ladies’ man, GARY WILSON.

Serious weirdness, that’s what’s up. I remember hearing about “some guy that was obsessed with the music of Steely Dan and some girl in his neighborhood in the 1970s. So obsessed, he recorded an album in his parents basement…and it sounded like a scary, jazzy, stalker-y love letter!

Well, that sounds right up my alley…only the story isn’t totally true. Steely Dan has never been mentioned in anything I’ve read about Gary.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself….with that little bit of misinformation and some help by one of my record store coworkers, I was able to track down a copy of Motel Records 2002 reissue of Gary’s 1977 masterpiece, YOU THINK YOU REALLY KNOW ME. I missed out on purchasing FORGOTTEN LOVERS, but was in a big hurry to snatch up the LP of MARY HAD BROWN HAIR. Gary’s stuff isn’t for everyone, but I totally dig it…it’s kind of like a horror movie scored by a low rent lounge band that’s been influenced by Steely Dan and 1970s porn music. Check it:


Come on, Karen, give the poor guy a break…he loves you.


Jeeze, Linda, why did you have have to write that note to Gary’s parents? He’s not bothering you…he loves you.

What’d ya’ think? If you liked it, you should really pick up some of his music…I suggest starting with YOU THINK… Plexifilm just recently reissued it on cd along with a dvd documentary about Gary!

Oh, here are my records.

5 Responses to “Two For Tuesdays”

  1. bwanavoodoo Says:

    the chorus on “Linda” reminds me of Comus. You ever hear Comus?

  2. bwanavoodoo Says:

    The whole thing reminds of Joe Spinell/Mr. Robbie from MANIAC, cystic acne, and someone going through you mail and stealing your girlfriend’s underwear at the laundromat. Those last two happened to me.

  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    I think you’ve mentioned Comus before, but I haven’t checked ’em out.

  4. bwanavoodoo Says:

    I made a video for Comus on youtube.

  5. Myrtle Says:

    “You Think You Really Know Me” is one of Myrtle favorite albums!

    “6.4=Make Out” is always bumped when I trying to put the smoove moves on some geeky dude.

    “Forgotten Lovers” is great too, with “Soul Travel” being the tightest jam on there.

    Myrtle saw him perform at Amoeba – it was aight…..

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