Gorillanaut <3s Films For Little Girls!

Gorillanaut is totally changing up their image…seriously. From now on we’ll only be reviewing films intended for tweens and/or prepubescent girls! HOORAY FOR GORILLANAUT!!

Now we’ll finally get all the internet action…especially on our chat boards (or wherever guys go to meet young girls so they can help them with their homework)!

I got all in touch with my inner nine year old girl and reviewed two totally awesome movies!



Of course our resident big girl started this whole new direction for G’naut by reviewing…


Oh, and if you’re not a little girl there is no reason to watch any of these films…not even to masturbate to…seriously.

One Response to “Gorillanaut <3s Films For Little Girls!”

  1. bwanavoodoo Says:

    It only makes sense that Gen. Ursus would be packin’ a big rod.

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