Fetish Fridays!

Um…I really wasn’t going to cover the Furry Community at all for Fetish Fridays….I mean, they haven’t seemed shocking to anyone in over 10 years, right?

Then I found this:


Wow. There really IS something for everyone.

So over at WikiFur you can learn all sorts of stuff about stuff! Like how Fursuiters are divided over whether dry cleaning is advisable for fursuits.

Or, that Otherkin have a sympathetic connection, affinity, or some other form of relation with another animal or being…including unicorns, gryphons, dragons, angelics, and demons; as well as “non-living” types such as golems and other inorganics.

You can even find out about amazing artists like, JustDoug! See some of his work here…if you’re into hyper-endowed herm characters.

Now a video just to let it all sink in:


There you go, kids! Hope y’all have a great Friday…tune in next week for another fetish…you won’t be sorry…or maybe you will.

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