Man-Up Mo…ah, fuck it…

Sit tight, boners….no Man-Up Moday today. I know, I know, this isn’t the first time I’ve decided to drop the ball, but sometimes a boy needs a break from the grueling schedule that is Awesomeness.

Why so lazy? Well, it’s not that I’m lazy….just hung over. Seriously hung over.

Last night The Wife and I had a going away party for some friends that are moving to Canada(?!). I had a few too many beers and now I’m paying the price.

Here’s a photo from early on in the evening:

Oh, if only I felt as peaceful now as I did then….

If you’re lucky I’ll hit you up with a twofer tomorrow.

One Response to “Man-Up Mo…ah, fuck it…”

  1. Unk lancifer Says:

    I’m totally swiping this picture and photoshoping my face onto that guy….don’t tell Aunt John.

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