Donna Martin May Be A Virgin…

…But Sometimes She Dresses Like A Whore.

Okay 90210 Fashionista Fans, we’re back with some more Donna Martin Season 5 fashion!

If you happened to miss the first installment you can go HERE and Get Your Donna On!

Things are still moving a bit slowly on the second disc…The horrible influence of one Kelly Taylor is seriously fucking with my girl’s psyche in a major way!

I can’ tell you guys how much those goddamn baby doll dresses bother the shit out me…Right off the bat we’re subjected to this:

Donna, why are you still rocking this tired “fashion statement”? Maybe if you were more Kinderwhore…or even better, more Carroll Baker, I’d be into this look for you…but you’re just trying too hard to be like your (lame) best friend, Kelly.

Ugh! Not even the Doc Martin knockoffs are helping! Kelly, just leave Donna alone for 10 fucking minutes so she can dress herself for God’s sake!

Okaaaaaaaaay, maybe that was a bad idea. Here are those damn asymmetrical (not to mention ill-fitting) cut offs again. At least she got the top right this time. You’ll start to notice a whole lot more belly shirts in Donna’s evolving wardrobe. I know I promised some great looks for Donna….and there will be…remember, I told you it would be a gradual transformation not an overnight makeover. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know.

This one’s pretty good. Now that Donna is palling around with “regular Joe”, (and soon to be “abusive Joe”) Ray Pruit (with one T…’cause that’s all his mom could afford…har har), she’s allowing herself a little white trash inspiration. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but Donna is wearing a white mesh shirt over her belly tank like some little angel that could appear on Danzig‘s shoulder when he feels tempted to have yet another piece of red velvet cake.

Now this outfit isn’t so great, but it’s important for two reasons. One, is that it’s not a baby doll dress…and two, the hair helmet is back but now it’s been adorned with children’s barrettes! Donna is really starting to find her groove…sure, she’s hasn’t figured out how to put all the pieces together yet…but she’s close. Oh, the shirt doesn’t say BARBIE, it says BABIE in the Barbie font…clever.

Like most (creepy) guys I really like this look for our virtuous little virgin. It’s young…it’s innocent…and she finally has some damn cut offs that fit!

I wish I could tell you that it’s not Halloween in the above picture and that she’s not wearing a costume…’cause then I could tell you that this is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE OUTFIT Donna Martin has ever worn…EVER! But it is Halloween and it is a costume.

And so is this one:

Sure, you can’t really see the whole “Sexy Cat” outfit from this picture, but you can see that Donna just bitchslapped the shit out of über-douche-kind-of-boyfriend, Griffin Stone (why yes, that is Casper Van Dien)! And she did it right outside of the KEG House after Griffin insulted Ray and pretty much called Donna a cock tease…So, cracking Griff across the jaw seemed like a good idea at the time especially since Ray hasn’t thrown Donna down the fucking stairs…yet.

So that was disc 2…I hope I’m not alienating too many of my faithful readers with my Donna Martin obsession. I guess if I am, you’re not all that faithful of a reader in the first place and you’re just checking out Awesomeness for that promised extreme old man homo fisting post.

Jeez, keep your pants on…it’s coming…patience is a virtue.

Stay classy!

6 Responses to “Donna Martin May Be A Virgin…”

  1. aunt john Says:

    The Doc Martens with the baby doll dresses are really not a good, girlicious, look for Donna & Kelly. On Andrea, sure… but not on those two minxes. Also, I plum forgot about that boy from the wrong side of the tracks, Ray Pruit. So dreamy, and so poor… just they way I like ’em.

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    Careful Auntie…Ray gets a little aggressive with his shut-the-fuck-up-fists sometimes…and a word to the wise, always let him go down the stairs first.

    Ray is sooooo punchlicious!

  3. Amanda By Night Says:

    Gawd, Kelly annoyed the f**k out of me. Seriously. I loved when she was spoiled bitch but that only lasted, like, two seasons or something. I haven’t gotten this far into my DVDs (I’m on season 4), and I’m not sure I’ll have to heart to continue once Brenda leaves but these images will let me know what I’m missing! THANK YOU!

  4. mrcanacorn Says:

    Hey ABN, I love to hate on Kelly…she annoys me in a special way that I have to admire.

    I really think you should soldier on in your 90210 viewing….everyone’s all Brenda, Brenda, Brenda…but there’s so much more to be had!

    For example:

    1. Wings Hauser(!) as an ex-CIA man hired by Dylan to find his stolen money and sister..on location in Mexico!

    2. Kelly Taylor joins that creepy cult led by the wheelchair bound Alan Toy as Prof. Finley.

    3. Valerie fucking Malone! You thought Brenda was bad…whooo boy, this bitch makes Brenda look like Mother Teresa! Remember when she smoked pot in the Walsh house? Or when she slept with Steve and Dylan? Or when she seduced Ray Pruit while he was dating Donna?

    4. Four words: PEACH PIT AFTER DARK.

    …and that’s just in SEASON 5

  5. Amanda By Night Says:

    I do remember all of that (Well, except for the part about Wings Hauser… what the – ?). ESPECIALLY when Valerie pulled out the joint. I didn’t see that episode, but EVERYBODY was talking about… well mostly my pothead friends, but you get what I mean.

    I just have a total hard-on for Shannen Doherty. Have you seen her in Obsession? So good.

    You talked me into it. I will continue on! Well, right now I’m knee deep in Melrose Season 2, so let me get passed Reed’s death and then I’ll hop back!

    Great blog, btw. There’s a lot of love here!

  6. mrcanacorn Says:

    Oh yeah, Amanda, Wings “Ramrod” Hauser…he was awesome as usual.

    Never seen OBSESSION…I checked on Netflix but came up with nothin’. Bummer.

    Thanks for the kind words…your blog ain’t too shabby neither! 😉

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