Fetish Fridays!

I know I promised my beautiful and talented friend, Yaz, that I’d be covering Abasiophilia (look it up) this Friday…but I changed my mind. Which is the second shitty thing I’ve done to the most awesome Yaz…the first was insulting her shoes…at a party…in front of others.

I’m sorry…but I’m kind of gay…and that makes me kind of catty sometimes. Hopefully I smoothed things out by totally dishing about Proj Run with her in front of her totally sporty husband who can’t be bothered to share in the gayer things in life with his wife…but that’s cool, not all women want a half-a-fag as a hubby.

Luckily, my wife does.

And luckily, she puts up with shit like this:

It’s amazing what you can find in your garage sometimes.

Here’s my copy of AMPUTEE TIMES magazine (volume one, number two $8.00 ADULTS ONLY)…pretty cool, huh? And I guess by “cool” I mean “creepy.” So I bet you’re wondering why I own “a magazine for and about amp lovers!

Weeeeell, first off, it was a gift…(Thanks again, Mrs. Bwana) and secondly, I really have a fascination with all sorts of strange stuff…especially when it comes to the sexual fetishes of others.

Canacorn Fun Fact: I tend to go through phases (I like to call them mini-obsessions) where I get really hung up on something and I can’t stop thinking or talking about it until something else comes along….like Gallagher and his brother, Gallagher Too…but that’s another story.

Let’s get back to fetishes, shall we?

Sooooo, for a while there I was really into Acrotomophilia…not that I wanted to have an amputee as a sex partner (but I guess I’m not against the idea except for the fact that I’m married) and I certainly wasn’t into Apotemnophilia (I’m no poser)…but it was pretty interesting to me that there was a whole community of amputee lovers.

Interesting…not surprising. I mean, there’s something for everyone, right? Check this out from my buddy Wiki:

In a survey of acrotomophiles, leg amputations were preferred over arm amputations; amputations of a single limb, over double amputations; and amputations that left a stump, over amputations that left no stump. According to Solvang (2007), “Devotees adhere to standard conceptions of attractiveness in all other matters outside of amputations.” Digital images (usually from porn sites) are often produced or modified to represent a desirable amputation or amputee. This procedure may be known as Electronic Surgery (abbreviated “ES”) within the internet fetish communities.

But what did Devotees do before the internet? Well, there was print (see magazine above) and there was film (see vhs to right). Yes, I am also the proud owner of LONG JEANNE SILVER.

There’s stories about this one folks! I’ve heard that back in 70s, the raincoat crowd didn’t take too kindly to being “suckered” into a film that had young Ms. Silver inserting her stump up a young man’s backdoor. I guess they didn’t have a problem with the girl-stump on girl action, but once you have a woman fuck a guy with her flesh rocket, you’ve gone too far! Whateves…obviously, the porn aficionados of yesteryear didn’t have as refined of a palate as myself.

And yes, you can borrow it.

So there you go….another fascinating look into another odd fetish. Next week I just might make good on my promise to Yaz and talk about Abasiophilia (Jesus, look it up yourself! You’re sitting at a fucking computer! I can’t do everything for you.)

2 Responses to “Fetish Fridays!”

  1. Yaz Says:

    Awwww shucks, I’m flattered to get a shout out in your awesome blog. Fetish Fridays are my favorite! This week was very insightful, and I would like to see a woman fuck a man with her flesh rocket; that’s not to far for my taste. All dissing of my fabulous shoes is forgiven.
    xo – yaz

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    I’ll send the tape home with the mister next week! Oh, and don’t forget about the giant box of liquor we have for you two.

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