Fetish Fridays!

Okay, Fetish Fans, this one is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.

I’m really open to all sorts of fetishes…not that I practice a whole bunch of them, but I usually don’t get all judgmental and creeped out if consenting adults want to sit on cakes and fart up a chocolaty explosion of deliciousness or whatever the fuck they’re into this week.

But when it comes to legal fetishes I really don’t understand no matter how open-minded I claim to be, there’s only one that makes my skin crawl and my eyes sweat.

Are you ready? Truthfully, I’m not sure that I am…but here goes:


GROAN………Seriously? I started to do all sorts of research for this one…but kind of lost my nerve when I found this:

I hate you, PLASTIC MOMMY, I really do.

That’s about when I got all, “Fuck this noise,” and decided to just throw in a link to POPULATION PASTE‘s 2006 post on Adult Babies. It’s NSFW (like most links in this here post) but Rob pretty much covers it..and supplies the brave of heart with some links so you can further your studies on this amazingly freaky fetish…shudder.

Soooo, I know you still have one question you want to ask.

Hey Canacorn, what about the Furries? Can they be adult babies too?”

Good question. The answer is………

BABYFUR. That’s right. Babyfur.

Here’s a snippet from good ol’ Wikifur:

When cubbing out in both the real world and in online roleplaying, the level of connection to the role will vary between each player. Some babyfurs will become so involved and yearn for such an authentic childish mentality that they will use speech impediments and baby talk to communicate. Very few babyfurs make a habit out of using babytalk in the real world, similar to a gay lisp. Depending on the situation, a babyfur could even develop a habit of whining or crying to get what he/she wants from a caregiver or another roleplayer.

In light online role-playing, babyfurs may toddle, crawl and wag their tails playfully while the sounds of crinkling diapers abound. Pouncing, giggling, cuddling, snuggling and tummy rubbing ensue with the maximum possible level of cuteness.

Child-like behaviour, baby animal sounds and an emphasis on cuteness are widespread among furry fans when among themselves, even those who don’t call themselves babyfurs and who don’t participate in other babyfur activities described here, such as diapers or baby clothing.

While most babyfurs are closely attached to the development of young humans, a different approach can be found in online role-play, where newborn zoomorphic and anthropomorphic characters often grow up at a similar pace as wild animals, doing without accessories such as diapers and learning to walk in a short time. This has the practical advantage of sooner getting into an age that allows interesting role-play even for non-babyfurs when playing a character since birth. As in nature, opinions on when a character can be considered adult vary greatly.

Fuck me. What’s wrong with people?

That’s it….I have had enough of Fetish Friday for today. We’ll find something a little less creepy next week…maybe something innocuous like Erotophonophilia.