Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez

“What? Is she like 30?”

Hallee Hirsh

Not Quite…but great gag.

I wonder if I’ll hate her as much as her mother?

5 Responses to “Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez”

  1. Amanda By Night Says:

    I know, what was SHE all about?!? I did like Andrea though… I admit it. I didn’t LOVE her or anything, but she was good people.

    I was disappointed in the new show. More Shannen less OC looking people.

    This is how you know I’m getting old!

  2. Life is Short 08 Says:

    Hey, I think Hallee Hirsh is an awesome actress and I hope they develop her character, one of the few legacy characters that connects us with the original show.

  3. Life is Short 08 Says:

    Oh and lots of people think her character would be too young to be in High School. Actually, Hannah would be like 14 or 15 – could be a freshman or young sophmore. A young sophmore is more likely for the role she has as the anchor for the schools closed circuit TV. Hallee looks younger than the leads – who are actually closer to 20 or 21 but look older not younger than their years – at least in my opinion

  4. mrcanacorn Says:

    I hear ya’ ABN…but I never could stand Andrea. Everyone knows I’m a Donna man all the way. I’m super bummed that the new show didn’t pony up the cash to get Tori back (or give a role to her husband, Dean…if the rumors are true…and aren’t they always?).

    I liked the new show…I think they’re doing a decent job of giving us older folks some familiar characters to latch onto and some new ones to despise due to their size 0 fashions, washboard abs, and questionable morals. I can’t fault a show geared for teens that throws in a public blow job scene in the first 15 minutes…call me old fashioned.

    Hey LiS08,
    I’m not familiar with any of Hallee’s work, but the joke made at Gabrielle Carteris’ expense made my night.

    So far I’m giving the show a thumbs up…and I’m picking my new favorite female lead…Jessica Stroup as the little rebel, Silver! Don’t let me down Silver…I’m counting on you.

  5. Amanda By Night Says:

    I did like Silver and I liked the girl who you can’t tell if she’s going to be a bitch or not (the one with the curly hair), but overall, I’m an old fogie. I just want Brenda… and a little Jessica Walter and Linda Gray… I mean, how AWESOME was that?!?

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