The Toughest Movie Gang Of All Time

Anyone know what movie this picture is from?

I’ll give you three guesses?




Metallica’s Back, Headbanger Happy

I can’t deny it…I’m stoked for this one kids. Sure, the title’s kind of corny (but it’s growing on me)…and after the dream shattering/groan inducing Some Kind Of Monster/St. Anger craptacular, you’d think I’d have totally given up on my musical heroes from the 80s.

Not quite. I wrote them off for the first time around 1994, but every time they release a new record I get a little twinge of excitement. Sure, it’s usually followed by an amazing let down of epic proportions…but the 14 year old headbanger inside of me refuses to give up the ghost.

When it was announced that Rick Rubin was going to produce the new Metallica record, I finally had a legitimate reason to have high hopes in the return of my favorite band. Well, they weren’t that high…I’ve been spanked more than once…but Rick was the man behind this:

…and this:

Granted, not everything Rick has had his hands on have been favorites of mine…but when he works with artists I like, let’s just say, I get all nerdy and excited about music again.

I’ve heard most of the record already and I have to say, I think it’s great. It’s not perfect, but it has enough of the old (guitar solos are back!) mixed with some decent new ideas…I even got chills at a couple of points. This old head banger is happy.

Here’s a taste…

Today’s the official release date for DEATH MAGNETIC and I will be coming home from work with a new Metallica LP to add to my collection…the first one in seven years…what took you guys so long?

Room for one more...

Room for one more...